We are thrilled to announce a major update to the Bible Study Together app. We’ve been listening to your feedback and requests, and we’re excited to introduce two fantastic new features that will greatly enhance your Bible study experience.

The NLT® Bible Translation:

We have now added the highly requested New Living Translation (NLT®) to our app. This accurate and easy-to-understand translation will help bring the Word of God to life in a whole new way. Whether you’re a new believer or a seasoned Christian, the NLT® will enable you to glean fresh insights as you dive deeper into Bible study.

Audio Bibles with Automatic Scrolling:

We understand the value of listening to the Bible, whether you’re commuting, exercising, or simply prefer an auditory learning experience. That’s why we’ve added audio Bibles to our app for NLT®, NASB, and KJV translations. This means you can now enjoy a seamless and immersive audio experience as the text of the Bible automatically scrolls in sync with the audio playback. These new audio Bible translations grant you more options to experience scrolling audio since we previously only supported this on the ESV. With this new feature, you can listen to the Bible as you follow along, making it easier than ever to engage with Scripture and immerse yourself in the Word. It’s a convenient and efficient way to absorb the teachings of the Bible, especially for those with a busy schedule. These updates are designed to make the Bible Study Together app even more user-friendly and accessible, helping you grow in your faith and strengthen your relationship with God.

But that’s not all – as a reminder, we’d like to highlight some of the existing features that make Bible Study Together a unique and indispensable tool for your daily spiritual journey:

Unique Bible Reading Plan:

Our app features a carefully crafted Bible reading plan that intertwines the Old and New Testaments. By connecting Old Testament stories, psalms, and prophecies with New Testament teachings, we ensure that you grasp the holistic message of the Bible while preserving the original context.

Offline Reading:

No internet connection? No problem! You can access the Bible Study Together app and read the Scriptures anytime, anywhere, even when you’re offline. This means your spiritual growth journey doesn’t have to pause when you’re disconnected.

Daily Study Questions, Videos, and Challenges:

Enhance your understanding and deepen your relationship with God through our app’s daily study questions, videos, and challenges. These valuable resources are incorporated into the daily reading to help you engage more fully with God’s Word.

Prayer Support and Community:

We believe in the power of prayer and the importance of community. On Bible Study Together, you can easily share prayer requests with your group, organize and manage prayers, and foster a sense of togetherness with fellow believers.

We’re confident that these additional features will provide you with a richer and more immersive Bible study experience, making your time in God’s Word even more meaningful. The updated Bible Study Together app is available on both Android, iOS, and Amazon platforms. Update the app today to take advantage of these new features and continue your spiritual journey in an enhanced and accessible way.

We genuinely hope that the inclusion of the NLT® Bible translation and audio Bibles will deepen your understanding, strengthen your faith, and bring you even closer to God. Remember, the Bible is not meant to be read in isolation – let’s study together, pray together, and empower one another. Thank you for being an integral part of the Bible Study Together community. May your time spent in the Scriptures be fruitful and transformative.

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