Many of the things that have distracted us like sports, materialism, and social entrainment have been stripped away from us because of the COVID-19 virus. This gives us a new opportunity to rebuild what we do in life. Here are some tips on how not to waste this time during the pandemic.

1. Read the Bible More

One of the largest problems that we face is that we spend so much time-consuming news, shows, and movies that we don’t have any space left in our hearts for the Bible. There is a phrase that says, “you are what you eat” and even Paul in the Bible says that those who sow to the Spirit will reap from the Spirit and vice versa. So if you are filling yourself with the media of the world you should expect that you will become like those you are watching. If this idea sounds appalling to you, then you need to change what you are “eating”. God has given us good spiritual food to eat and if you want to get started reading the Bible check out Bible Study Together.

2. Pray More

In the time of this coronavirus pandemic, many of the jobs and activities that consumed us are being shut down. This makes things quieter and we need to learn to embrace this. God is speaking to us, but rarely can we hear Him amidst all the noise from phones, activities, and work. Instead of just filling the silence with more noise, stop and talk to God. It may be hard at first, but over the next weeks, you will find more peace than you have known in years.

3. Use alternative ways of Connecting with others

We are all used to connecting with people in certain environments and in various ways. This is an opportunity to go outside your comfort zone to discover new ways to reach out and connect. It seems like we all have phones now, so let’s start using them. Give a call to someone you haven’t talked to in years. Write a letter to a friend. Use one of the countless options to video chat with people (Marco Polo, Facebook Messenger, Zoom, Skype). We really do have a lot of options to communicate with people. Just because you can’t be somewhere in person doesn’t mean you need to be isolated.

4. Love Others more than Yourself

Beyond just staying connected, we need to love others. People are dying, sick, and scared. Think about how much God has already done for you. If He did not spare His own son will He not freely give you all things? Since we have been given abundance we need to share what we have with others. We need to share the love, physical provisions, and hope to the people of this world.  Those who are sick are not our enemies, they are people who God loves just like us. Consider how you would want to be treated in this time if you were scared, sick, or dying and go be Jesus to those in need.

5. Get some Fresh Air

The response to the COVID-19 virus outbreak doesn’t mean that you need to stay in your room. In the USA six feet gives us tons of space to do things outside. God’s Creation is awe-inspiring. When we look up at the sky and realize its small to God it changes the way we see our little world. Even if you can’t go for a walk, sit on your porch or out in your yard. Breath the fresh air and look around knowing that if God is keeping the entire planet in orbit, then this pandemic is not too big for Him.

6. Not Every Void needs to be Filled.

We are all facing losses in one way or another. Some are major losses like a loved one or a business we have been developing for years. No matter what your loss is a void will be left. Loss is often accompanied by stages of grief. This kind of grief can be good, we need to process our losses and work through them. There can be this response to try to fill your loss with something else, but some times its best just to leave the hole. Even if we leave the void, that doesn’t mean we need to sit in it. Look forward because God’s mercies are new every morning. If we experience a loss God has something better for us. Take time to learn about the stages of grief that you may be experiencing in your loss, but it’s okay to let go of what you no longer have. Even though you’re hurting now, God has something better.

7. Thank God

We are told to give thanks in all circumstances and thank God for everything. Check out this inspiring video about what the Bible has to say about showing gratitude toward God while facing trials.

8. Don’t go back to “the way it was” when it’s over

We can often think the good old days were better or that the grass was greener back then. However, the time that we live in is always what we make of it. Don’t look back in this season to the way it was, but create a new reality for yourself in this time that is worth living even after this pandemic passes. Create new habits that you won’t want to give up later. Make this the year of your spiritual awakening that you will testify about for the rest of your life.

No doubt, it is challenging when our world gets turned upside down, but God is moving and working in this pandemic season. Come alongside Him and be a part of what He is doing. This can be the year that changes everything for you in your walk with God. Don’t waste what God has done. The way that you invest your time in this season will determine what you will reap in your life for years to come.