Many groups and churches have enjoyed using the Carry Bible app, but recently it appears that the app has been getting shut down and people need an alternative. It is no longer in the Google Play store and the dashboard was recently reported as not working. I personally reached out to the Carry Bible app support team to ask them about the status of their situation, but no one responded. If your group or church is now looking for an alternative to the Carry app, then you are in the right place.

Important Features of the Carry App

Three main features of the Carry Bible app that have made it popular with churches and groups are:

  • Daily Bible reading with questions.
  • Tools for Praying and the ability to share prayer requests.
  • The ability to communicate with your church and group in the app.

Not many Bible apps exist that have all these features. Most are geared toward personal Bible study. If they do have group or prayer features they are often fairly complicated. If your group is not full of techy Bible people, then you may be concerned about seeing the Carry App go.

Carry Bible App Alternative

An app that was created with the same vision as the Carry app was Bible Study Together. Both apps feature daily Bible reading, prayer tools, and the ability to communicate with your group. Though the Carry app tries to guide you through a specific pattern for your quiet time, Bible Study Together gives users more some flexibility. Bible Study Together uses the Chronological Cross-Reference Bible reading plan. It’s loaded with daily questions, videos, maps, and more. Also, the Bible Study Together app features a prayer manager and prayer assistant to help you stay focused while praying. Both the Bible study and Prayer tools are connected in the fellowship part of the app. This part of the app brings people in your group together to share what they are reading and send prayer requests.

Getting Started with Bible Study Together

Bible Study Together is more than an app. It also has printed resources to go along with the app so people in your groups can still participate even if they don’t want to use the app. This greatly expands who can be part of your group. If you want to start using the app or also use the printed tools with your group, then go to From here you will find everything you need. If you need an alternative to the Carry app, then don’t worry. Bible Study Together has you covered. Your church and group will love the change.